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About Searle’s RV Centre  (Avida Bundaberg & Jurgens Bundaberg).
With a long History in and around the Rv industry Ben can be assured of helping out with just about any Request. Born in 1971 he entered the Rv industry in 1972 by way of his family business based in Geelong, Victoria. “I started washing vans for pocket money then handing out brochures at shows attended by my father. It wasn’t until a couple of sales reps made a bet with each other, at the Melbourne State caravan Expo, that I couldn’t sell a caravan that I found my place. By the end of that show I had sold more than both combined. That was the first Industry trophy I achieved and still have it today.
Now after many years controlling my own business in Bundaberg I appreciate the ups and downs of “self-employment”. Where I have landed on my feet is by having a stable, enthusiastic team around me. I can’t praise them enough for the effort they put in each day and at times into the night. Nothing is too much of an effort and “no” is not a word we use very often.  Secondly, I represent products that I believe in.  Avida with their industry leading technologies, warranties and factory support which has them as Australia’s number one motorhome manufacture and now fiercely establishing themselves in the caravan market.   Thirdly, I have built fantastic relationships with my suppliers, from the guy that picks up the old batteries to the managing directors of all the businesses I deal with.
On top of that I always try to improve the business. I was the first RACQ Authorised Automotive Repair in the RV Industry, a 12 month process that now allows me to display the RACQ logo next to my own. I have started The Australian Caravan Museum in order to protect our past and allow future generations to come and explore this amazing industries past. I have a small collection of artifacts a few old vans and a lovely old Kombi camper on display. (Anything that is old and reflects our caravan/ RV history please send to me).

Short Statement
Searle’s RV Centre – Avida Bundaberg have been involved in the caravan and RV industry since 1972. Now located in Bundaberg, they are housed Queensland’s first purpose built RV dealership. Since opening in 2008 Ben has achieved milestones which he puts down to having a stable team and great product.

Ben Searle when accepting the award was speechless – literally. Later on he did reflect on his year and highlighted how setting his goal on Avida’s most coveted award inspired him to do more. He expanded his workshop, increased his accessory department, implemented new systems. “By focusing on all the areas of my business, from service book ins to customer satisfaction (post sale) award or not it has changed my business for the better”. Ben said.  He also made it very clear that without his team it would not have been possible and had a heartfelt thankyou to each and every staff member.

Ben Searle

"live the dream"